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First assignment was the creation of the blog and a 100 word (minimum) introduction.


Tell me/us about a fictional character you like. The character can be from a book, a movie, a comic, a video game, or wherever. What are they like? What do they do? Why do you like them? Again 100 word minimum. Don't just write a list.

An example-

I am particularly fond of the Doctor from Doctor Who. He's an alien from a planet called Gallifrey. He is a time lord and travels through space and time in his spaceship which also is a time machine and is bigger on the inside. The Doctor (we don't know his actual name) is over 900 years old. He 'regenerates' when his body is near death; he has had 11 different appearances so far, all men. Some are old, some are not-old but not young either. The current Doctor is young in appearance, even though he's very old. He travels the cosmos helping people.

I like the Doctor because he is a madman with a time machine. I like that he tries to help people and is crazy and he doesn't always have all the answers.

...there. That's 135 words.

No, you don't have to count by hand. Word processors have word-count tools (in MS Word - alt-t,w gets you word count). There's also online tools, such as

Good luck!


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